Welcome to Mankato Masonic Lodge #12

Our Lodge has been in Mankato for over 150 years. We are in the oldest building in town, and the Lodge has been in it for over 130 years. Freemasonry is the world’s oldest fraternal organization. While we do engage in philanthropic and service endeavors, we exist primarily for brotherhood and to “make good men better.”

What Is The Masonic Lodge?

The word "Lodge" means both a group of Masons meeting together as well as the room or building in which they meet. Masonic buildings are sometimes called "temples" because the original meaning of the term was a "place of knowledge" and Masonry encourages the advancement of knowledge.


Masonic Lodges usually meet once or twice a month to conduct regular business, vote upon petitions for membership, and bring new Masons into the Fraternity through three ceremonies called degrees. In the Lodge room Masons share in a variety of programs. Here the bonds of friendship and fellowship are formed and strengthened.

Joining The Mankato Masonic Lodge #12

If you have ever wondered about becoming a Mason, you should know that we are not permitted to ask you to join; however, if you ask a Mason for information, he will be more than happy to provide it for you. We want you to want to become a Mason.

We are not a “secret” organization; we are an organization with a few secrets  Most of what we do we will be happy to share with you. If

you want more information, please contact us by going to the contact page or by going to the membership page.


2018 Mankato Lodge #12

Treasurer: Paul Grabitske


Worshipful Master: Michael Krediet


Secretary: Jerry Brown


Senior Warden:  Brock Petersen


Junior Warden: Jared Kahle


Senior Deacon:  Jeremy Dorpinhaus


Junior Deacon:  Ross Gullickson

Senior Steward:  Kevin Bradley


Junior Steward:  Nick Winings


Tyler:  Darcy Wennes


Chaplain: Dewayne Decker


Marshall: Dave Petersen


Lodge Education Officer. Mark Robbins, P.M.





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